Medical Science & Disease Treatment

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Analysis & Strategy:

Gathering and processing information — from product safety data to industry intelligence — requires objectivity. The Eubio team brings years of experience to the table — analyzing, coding, and structuring raw data in ways that allow it to speak to our clients and become useful tools for making real-time product and business decisions.

Content Development & Training:

When you have limited face-to-face time with your key customers, you have to make every moment count. That was our goal when we led a 2-day, on-site meeting, which trained more than 150 hematologists, nephrologists, surgeons, and pathologists. 

This series of interactive educational workshops was intense, but it prepared those physicians to return to their communities and educate thousands of other health care practitioners across the US.


How do you share data about physicians’ and patients’ experiences with your product while awaiting the results of phase 3 clinical trials? Eubio helped one client navigate this challenge by conducting a multidisciplinary publications steering committee meeting with top oncology leaders. 

Nearly two years of work culminated in a publications strategy that included data sharing from a national registry, multicenter and single-center retrospective investigations, and expert reviews

The resulting conference abstracts, posters, and manuscripts have been printed in scientific journals, displayed in congresses, and engaged readers throughout the world.


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