As we all face

COVID-19 and its sequelae, this site serves as a place where we can stand together and honor life, celebrate what’s precious, and inspire each other toward our best – even now. Especially now.

We acknowledge the challenges that uncertainty about this crisis brings. And we recognize the concerns that many of us have regarding our own lives and well-being; that of those in our communities – far and near – and of those whom we love. 

This is a moment where we have never been before.

We stand in new territory.

In simpler times, we invited our team to reflect on the unique goodness we each bring to the world and on those things we’re most grateful for. Today, we invite you to do the same.

We welcome you to use the links below to download a daily good journal and to take a moment to share your good with us. Whether it’s a statement of gratitude or a quote that inspires you, we will receive your contributions with joy, and post them so that they can inspire us all.

Our hope is that they will remind us of what we CAN do in this new territory, like stand together on integrity  the truth of being that guides our wills, our words, and our works.

We can stand on grace – the daily giving and forgiving of ourselves and others that is the core of our humanity; and on joy the light that in dark times helps us appreciate the precious “now” and that steadies our steps toward tomorrow.

We can stand on creativity and growth  knowing that each of us has the capacity to bring beauty and meaning into the world, or perhaps just make things a bit better.

And we can continue to stand on reverence for life

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