Asian Consensus Delphi: Survey Two

Dear Committee Members,

This survey is aimed at seeking consensus on statements regarding use of SIRT with resin microspheres for the treatment of HCC. The survey, which you will find below, consists of 33 questions, divided into 3 main sections: Patient Selection and Evaluation, Algorithm, and SIRT Delivery. You can access each section via the navigation menu above.

For each section, there is a corresponding tab in the grey frame that will display the literature associated with that section in the form of tables that summarize references associated with the statements that you are evaluating. Actual reference PDFs can be accessed by clicking on hyperlinks within the tables.

Within the grey frame, you will also find tabs that allow for you to review images describing the levels of evidence used in our literature review, and our current algorithm, at any time. 

We hope that you enjoy your experience with the survey. Please be sure to answer all questions. We value you, your perspectives, and your participation in this work. 

Do not hesitate to contact  [email protected] if you have any questions or encounter any issues while submitting your responses.

Thank you for your participation.

Opening Links in an iFrame
Opening Links in an iFrame