as we all face COVID-19 and its sequelae, I acknowledge the challenges that uncertainty about its course and trajectory brings. I recognize the fear that many of us have regarding our own lives and well-being, as well as that of those in our communities – far and near – and of those whom we love. 

Things will change for us as a people, across the world, in the coming weeks. This is a moment where we have never been and for which history, given the confluence of factors at play, offers no solid point of reference. 

We stand in new territory.

Yet, as we stand, I have every confidence that the ground beneath us is solid. 

We stand on integrity – on the truth of being that guides our will, our words, and our works. 

We stand on grace – the daily giving and forgiving of ourselves and each other that is the core of our humanity.

We stand on joy – the light that, even in the darkest times, serves as a source of appreciation for each precious moment and a guidepost of hope for tomorrow.

We stand on creativity and growth – knowing that we have within us the capacity to not only make something of this moment, but to make beauty and meaning, to make us all better because of it. 

We stand on a reverence for life


In each of our places of residence – from China to California, Britain to Burkina Faso – you shine as lights across the world. Together, as we stand in our values and support each other – and others, we have the opportunity to serve as sources of inspiration and champions of life: beacons for all.


Keep shining, 



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