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To honor the many people and organizations who are making a real difference in our world, now. For a full calendar year starting in June 2020, Eubio will give $2,021 each month to a different nonprofit organization in the name of a person who inspires you.

While not all nominations will receive the monetary award, all eligible nominations are featured in our list of nonprofitsOur hope is that this growing list of organizations that are doing good in the world, right now, will serve as a resource for places where you can share your time, your talent, or your resources in ways that are most meaningful to you. 

Organizations eligible for nomination are:

  • US-based 
  • Nonprofit 501(c)
  • Supporting us all to live our most healthful lives

Year of Sharing: Recent Recipients

A Cure for Ellie raises awareness and funds and provides information and support to people affected by LBSL. Founded in 2013, A Cure for Ellie is named for Ellie McGinn, who was just two years old when her mom, Elizabeth, noticed her falling and exhibiting leg spasms, poor balance, and hand tremors. These classic symptoms show up in most LBSL patients during childhood or adolescence.

The McGinns began their public campaign with community support, then took their advocacy global. Using social media to rebrand the disease, A Cure for Ellie has raised tens of thousands of dollars and has united families around the world in the hope for a cure. Now, LBSL is known as the “Awesome Disease!”

Nominated in honor of: Families who won’t take “no treatment” for an answer and who use their own passion to drive awareness and funds for research. Nicole Van Hoey is inspired by—and made this nomination to honor—them and her friends, the McGinns. Nicole sees Elizabeth McGinn as the epitome of those tireless, hopeful parents who rally to improve health research and care.

The dedicated community members, organizations, and volunteers at City of Refuge promote transformation through work and loving relationships. Single-site, holistic programming centers on four key areas to help individuals and families transition out of crisis:

  • Heath/wellness: Daily meals offered to residents, employees, and guests. On-site partner provides medical, vision, dental, and mental health services.
  • Housing: Bridge housing and support for unhoused women and children, and women recovering from sexual exploitation.
  • Vocational training: Mentoring and job-training; and programs in coding, automotive tech, and restaurant/hospitality.
  • Youth development: Services include residential child care; academic, health, and behavioral programming (elementary); private education (middle/high school); and financial aid (post-graduation).

Nominated in honor of: Hanna Gloria, who first brought City of Refuge to her husband Ed’s attention. Ed made this nomination to honor her as “a great wife and mother to our three kids. She’s a hard worker and business leader with a busy schedule, and yet she encourages our family to be civic-minded and seek opportunities to volunteer and serve.”

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