Year of Sharing

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To honor the many people and organizations who are making a real difference in our world, now. For a full calendar year starting in June 2020, Eubio will give $2,021 each month to a different nonprofit organization in the name of a person who inspires you.

While not all nominations will receive the monetary award, all eligible nominations are featured in our list of nonprofitsOur hope is that this growing list of organizations that are doing good in the world, right now, will serve as a resource for places where you can share your time, your talent, or your resources in ways that are most meaningful to you. 

Organizations eligible for nomination are:

  • US-based 
  • Nonprofit 501(c)
  • Supporting us all to live our most healthful lives

Year of Sharing: January Recipient

Dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate through the foster care system in America, Together We Rise  works with social workers, CASA advocates, and other partners to educate volunteers — including people unable to foster — on issues within the foster care system while giving them meaningful ways to benefit the children in it.

To restore independence, confidence, a sense of belonging, and the simple joys kids often lose once in foster care, Together We Rise provides:

  • NEW duffle bags to replace the plastic bags many children must use while moving. These “Sweet Cases” are packed with teddy bears, blankets, hygiene kits, and fun activities.
  • FREE bikes and skateboards (for recreation and transportation).
  • Scholarships ($90,000/yr) to 10-15 college freshmen.
  • Birthday celebration boxes and MUCH more.  

Nominated in honor of:  Mrs. Bridgett Gibson (of Corpus Christi, TX), who is big hearted, loyal, and caring! Alicia Kim Philbert wouldn’t be a mom without using the fostering system TWICE, so she makes this nomination to honor Bridgett and all caseworkers who work with adoptive parents to protect and love foster children.

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